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3 black paintings *aferpay available*


Image of 3  black paintings *aferpay available*

Well, its VERY hard for me to part with these. You have no idea. But we decided we dont want to travel with them for our move.
I am asking for 2,000. They were not cheap, the frames alone were in the 500s just for the large one.
This photo doesnt do them justice, theyre huge. The buyer would have to have to be responsible for their own shipping or the cost of having them transported. I did not add shipping because I do not know how to ship them, the buyer would have to have a solution at their own cost.
With that being said, these are incredible. Ive had people offer to buy them every time Ive posted them or when someone saw them in my home and space. Ive never accepted any offers because I just did not want to let them go.
I will not be selling these separately as of right now.
The large piece is Francisco Goya, Saturn eating his son
The second largest piece is Hieronymus Bosch, Fall of the damned into hell
The smaller one is Fran Angelico, Last Judgement

These are replicas. They are not the original paintings from the 1400s, that would be insane to own those as theyre worth millions. But these were expensive replicas. They have been sitting in storage for some time and are weathered. I think it adds to their charm and I loved that, but I want the buyer to be aware that some of the prints are coming unattached from the frame and the right has some weather and water damage. With that being said, theyre absolutely breathtaking and I promise you that you will not find anything like them anywhere else. Its very hard to let them go but I am willing to as long as its the right buyer.
Imagine a dining at your romantic dinner table sipping wine under the river of hell?
Absolutely incredible I promise you. Lucky is the one who gets these.
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