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Entire Oddities Collection

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If you are local feel free to pick up this item if youd like.
35 beautiful items, basically a fully impressive collection all in one go. Perfect for the novice collector or someone with a large collection already. Some items were 500$ just for the one item, so this is absolutely truly discounted due its being valued at over 5,000. Lucky is the one who gets it.

This is a very large collection that took years and years to curate.
It includes
1 large tarantula in display case
1 large scorpion in display case
1 large centipede in display case
1 large beetle in display case
1 medium puffer fish
17 piece insect collection in including 2 black widows
6 piece vintage poison bottle collection
1 baby shark wet. specimen
1 large leech wet specimen
1 small leech wet specimen
1 sheep brain wet specimen
1 cat brain wet specimen
1 cow eye wet specimen
1 vintage jar human molar
1 double headed articulated bat
1 human finger bone
1 human jaw with teeth in custom display case
1 baby pig wet specimen
1 vampire bat wet specimen
1 baby snake wet specimen
1 palm reading display
1 large framed vintage woman with tarantula on frame
1 badge claw in dome glass case
1 severed pig fetus in custom display case
1 squirrel head in glass dome display case
1 weasel skull in frame
1 mason jar of new orleans grave flowers
1 death photos
1 door display to ward off evil , from new orleans
1 taxidermy baby black duck
1 figi mermaid display
2 madam talbot oddities display poster